Terms of service

Engagement of Triple A Super Pty Ltd Services

Trustees, or their Adviser / Accountant acting on their authority, need to sign an application to engage the services of Triple A Super Pty Ltd.


Payment of fees are payable by Direct Debit Authority signed directly by the Trustees or directly with the Adviser/Accountant. Any variation to this method must be agreed between Triple A Super and the party involved.

Fees are payable for the full financial year regardless of when the fund was established or transitioned for the services. Catch up fees for the elapsed months from any given 1 July to the date of commencement of the regular monthly fees will be charged to the fund’s bank account.

Where Triple A Taxation Services Pty Ltd is engaged as the Tax Agent, the taxation lodgement fee will be deducted/payable at the same time as the administration fee.

Termination of Services Refund Policy

The Triple A Super policy is that once operating bank transaction data, fund information and member particulars are evident, no refund is payable from the commencement of the financial year up to the date of termination.

Termination of services must be in writing and will attract a Termination Fee of an additional one months fee where the fund has been created and established on the Triple A Super administration system. The termination fee is not payable for funds transferring between Triple A Super and Preset Super.

The termination fee will be deducted from the fund’s bank account or paid separately by the client.

The Triple A Super SMSF administration services includes continued oversight of the fund’s operating bank account and fund administration compliance in accordance with the prescribed SIS regulations. As such, Triple A Super will not refund any fees that have been paid by monthly deduction up to the date it is officially notifies in writing of the termination of services.

Triple A Super is under no obligation to complete the annual accounts or audit unless the total fee has been paid for the financial year. Any audit fees deducted during a year will be refunded if the respective audit is not required.

In the event of termination, Triple A Super will forward all files and information to the client or their appointed representative.

Triple A Super requires the client to execute a formal acknowledgement releasing Triple A Super from any legal obligations arising from the termination of services.

Establishment of New Funds

Triple A Super will order deeds and any associated documents as required with an experienced specialised SMSF legal firm.

Once an order has been placed for any deed services, including any company establishments, no refund will be payable. Fees or charges for any mistakes or oversight by the client of required information necessitating any changes or replacement of the deed or associated documents will be payable by the trustee / client where required.

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