Service Models

Financial Advisers Service Model

The Financial Adviser service model is based on the delivery of timely and continuous information within a “Whole of Client” concept Dashboard that delivers greater engagement and connectivity with clients.

  • Individual client SMSF Dashboard's with key metrics and alerts designed to amplify the value delivered by Advisers to their clients.
  • Integrated “Add On” services that allow Advisers to transact within the one landing point to fulfill all their required needs.
  • Continuous Compliance oversight driven by extensive use of Data Feeds and Robotic Process Automation.
  • Structured Referral Program

Financial Advisers benefit from an integrated suite of services designed to ensure they are fully informed of circumstances that warrant action or intervention to maximise benefits to clients and ensure continuous compliance.

We view the relationship with Financial Advisers as a partnership, rather than merely a service provider. We look for opportunities to activate referrals and business opportunities to assist Financial Advisers with their growth and strategic development plans.

Keeping you in touch and up to date

We appreciate that once the work is outsourced to us, the ability to understand what is happening and be able to provide timely and measured services to the funds you represent is paramount.

You will be able to monitor in real time, data and investment information through dedicated individual SMSF Dashboards which collectively roll up to your own Adviser Dashboard.

The Adviser dashboard provides crucial information regarding the progress, issues and alerts of all funds collectively and enable the Adviser to take responsive actions to remediate or surface opportunities within the Adviser client base.

Advisers have continuous access to a comprehensive suite of data and investment information where:

  • Cash Management Accounts can be monitored and actions set
  • Each fund is monitored and updated driven by virtual robotics and internal workflow processing.
  • Automated communication with the adviser where an action is required.
  • Predictive analytics designed to provide information that allows advisers to fully engage and add more value to the client relationship.
  • Interactive service centre – directly communicate with the assigned fund accountant.

A key part of the service model to Financial Advisers is the ability to transact at multiple levels, either through the ability to request the establishment of a Macquarie Bank account, establish a new SMSF or transfer either a single or multiple funds.

Other key services such as Taxation, Regulatory, Actuarial or Audit services are also provided on a marginal cost basis.

The annual financial package you present to your Client will be badged with your logo.

Technology Driven Integrated Solutions

Advisers require a service that not only ensures quality and timeliness, but also one that delivers value to clients through an ability to detect and surface issues and opportunities.

Simplifying costs and ensuring transparency is key to client expectations. The ability to take advantage of the rapid increase in a digitised world where information is immediate, means a wider focused lens to make more informed decisions and achieve better outcomes.

Taxation and Regulatory Obligations

A critical element of ensuring compliance of every SMSF is the timely lodgement of returns required by both the ATO and ASIC. The current penalty framework has placed a greater burden of compliance upon trustees to ensure they operate funds as required by regulatory bodies such as the ATO and ASIC in a fully compliant and timely manner. There is a greater focus on aspects such as Investment Strategies and the Trust Deeds of funds for example. It is more important than ever before for trustees to understand and comply fully with their obligations.

We will, if appointed to do so, take care of the taxation and regulatory requirements of funds which includes the Annual lodgement of a funds taxation return, BAS, PAYG, IAS and Annual ASIC return. All of these services are provided on a marginal cost basis and detailed in our Fees section.

*This service is provided by Triple A Taxation Services Pty Ltd which is a registered tax agent.


There is comprehensive array of reports you can access anytime including the capability to undertake “to” and “from” based reports.

The dashboard provides continuously updated fund information including query management, fund processing, lodgements, trust deed health, audit progression and outstanding issues.

All information is tied to an integrated Service Centre that allows Advisers to communicate with their fund accountant through a prioritised workflow system.

Transition of your funds to Triple A Super

We have a dedicated transition management unit that takes responsibility to migrate your funds across to Triple A Super. This unit will work in close harmony with you including the interaction with the previous administrator.

A dedicated transition specialist will be appointed to your funds and they will stay in continuous communication including the provision of the appointment and application forms that need to be completed to authorise Triple A Super to provide the desired level and extent of services.

Accountants Service Model

We harmonise with your business- not disrupt it. We offer total administration flexibility that fits in with how you want us to work with you. You are able to choose the following services that suit your circumstances:

  • Anonymous White Label - Annual administration
  • Overflow administration - where you have been swamped with work that exceeds your capacity
  • Emergency administration - you have lost a staff member and require the administration to be completed until replacement resources are in place.

In all of the above service offers, you retain total control of the clients and can provide Audit services and lodge the annual tax return for fund’s if required.

All material including the accounts are badged with your logo. Triple A Super does not appear anywhere to preserve total anonymity.

We use Class and BGL SMSF administration systems - we will emulate your tax settings, and you can choose any reports from the admin system used for your internal purposes and client reporting.

There is no minimum number of funds.

Keeping you in touch and up to date

We appreciate that once the work is outsourced to us on an anonymous basis, the ability to understand what is happening is paramount.

You will be able to monitor the progress of each fund through direct access to our Cloud-based administration system.

We will also manage all queries through our cloud-based Query Portal whereby you will have full knowledge of the status of your queries for all funds. This is dynamically linked to the workflow and uses smart forms and direct links to send and receive required outstanding information.

We will provide nominated staff with access to the administration and query management systems for this viewing.

Benefits to your business

  • Simply put, we take care of whatever administration services you require without disrupting your business. We work in harmony with you and your staff.
  • You can use us for a short period of time, a full season or whatever timeframe you wish.
  • Our administration services can be provided on either your or our Class or BGL SMSF accounting systems.
  • ALL SMSF administration work is performed by qualified SMSF specialists.
  • Administration costs are transparent and based on the complexity rather than number of assets.
We will...

  Change the way you work with technology
  Deliver sustainable cost benefits
  Increase client connectivity