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We believe that aligned and relevant technology increases efficiency and client engagement. Our journey is the continuous development of an integrated technology footprint that delivers on this goal. Our development program in association with our partner “Oracle” has three key deliverables.

Increased Client connectivity

Aligned portals surfaced through a “Smart Dashboard” provide our clients with a deeper insight into the opportunities for revenue growth, issues that need to be addressed, alerts and reports that can be used as a reinforcement of adviser value to their SMSF’s.

Higher engagement

The dashboard provides information, actions or further enhancements to client needs based on data extracted from the SMSF itself that is both predictive and prescriptive in nature. Client engagement is increased through need and opportunity as a result.

sustainable benefits

The "DASHBOARD” for each SMSF and at Adviser level reinforces the quality of our services with continuous oversight that elevates areas of need, resolution of issues and deep management of fund and investment data.

As part of our continuous development and innovation technology development program, we continue to release further enhancements to the Dashboard based around predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Some of the new features are:

  • Age membership profile of their clients across all SMSFs in their business
  • No. of Funds in part or full pension or accumulation phase
  • Which funds have a corporate trustee v individual
  • Any members without insurance
  • Funds with multiple tax returns outstanding
  • Tax return processing status; and
  • High cash alerts

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring by internal workflow and desktop robotics

Predictive Analytics

Provides insightful information and actionable contact with clients that drives increased client connectivity and value benefits

Continuous Compliance

The integrated Dashboard is dynamically linked to a series of portals aligned on a common rail that ensures continuous compliance oversight of all fund data and provides the Adviser through a series of alerts and reports of any actions required

Receive Alerts

Ability to set minimum Cash Management account limits for each fund and receive alerts

Interactive Service

Interactive Service Centre directly connected to your fund accountant- requests prioritised in fund accountant workflow

24/7 access

24/7 access to your key investment data. Direct click through to each fund's administration data.

Smart Dynamic Dashboard

Triple A Super has developed a "Smart" Dashboard that uses predictive analytics and API calls to the administration system developed on an Oracle backbone with whom we have a Global Partnership agreement that provides insightful and up to date information to financial advisers, accountants and clients as required.

The Dashboard is comprehensive and includes document management together with an active Service Centre to directly communicate with your fund accountant.

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We will...

  Change the way you work with technology
  Deliver sustainable cost benefits
  Increase client connectivity