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A dedicated team will manage the transition to Triple A Super. An initial review of the fund’s investments is carried out as part of the process. All investments to qualify for Triple A Digital must match the accepted investments within the Approved Investment menu.
There is a once off transition cost of $250 charged on appointment of our services. This includes a full compliance review of the fund.
Yes, the trustees will be required to sign any updates to the Fund's Deed. This ensures that the Audit fee is kept low and documentation standardised for ongoing compliance oversight and management. Where other Triple A Super services are engaged, we will check the Deed and advise if it meets the current legislative requirements.
The standardisation of deeds for all funds in Triple A Digital is a key to ensuring that the ongoing Audit costs are kept low. The Triple A Digital auditor uses electronically received data and can verify the ongoing compliance of the deed without individual vetting for each fund.
We will email to your nominated address the Fund’s electronic trust deed and supporting information as part of the standard Triple A Digital service.
Yes, the trustees are able to have their existing accountant lodge the fund tax return if required.
This depends on the amount of information required and the prompt delivery of it to allow the fund records to be established and to have data feed authorities sent for signature. The transfer will be handled by a dedicated Transition specialist team who will work via our specifically developed Cloud based transition portal for receipt of all information required.
At all times, you as the trustee's adviser or accountant, have access to a nominated client relationship manager that you can contact to discuss issues affecting your client’s fund or interact with.
No, unlike other providers, you have a comprehensive choice of investments. This extends to Banks, Stockbrokers, Platforms, and Wraps for example. The only restriction is for Triple A Digital whereby the investments must have all tramsactions data fed into the administration software system.

Please see the Approved List on this website.
Yes, you can switch investments as you would normally at any time. Triple A Super will keep track of your client’s tax liability and capital gains situation. The only restriction you have within Triple A Digital is that you can only use the investments available on the Approved List. Should you choose an investment that is not available within the Triple A Digital service, it will be administered through the Triple A Super bespoke service where there is an unlimited investment option availability and pay the increased administration fee for the respective administration service. The choice and timing are entirely yours. The same applies if the bespoke investments are sold; you can migrate back to Triple A Digital without a cost and take advantage of the lower ongoing administration fee. You just need to let us know when the Funds investments change

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