Transition Management

Transferring clients to Triple A Super requires both discipline and continuous oversight to ensure the successful transition of all required information and data from the previous administrator to the Triple A Super SMSF administration system.


The transition portal has been established to provide a framework that can be continuously interrogated by the specialist transition team. It also allows the allocated Triple A Super fund accountant and the financial adviser or accountant client to observe and monitor the progress, manage the expectation of the actual fund itself before it is designated as “Active” on the Triple A Super SMSF administration system under the care of an appointed fund accountant.

Transition at Triple A Super has two component levels.


The first level is the Client and consists of specific client information required such as the logo required.


The second level relates to the information required for each fund. The transition process has 18 steps before it is handed across to the appointed fund accountant. It includes the completion of fund application forms and the establishment and activation of any automated data feeds required for each fund.


A dedicated team is assigned to each client and oversees each step in the process in close co-operation with the client.


The role of the transition specialist is to obtain information required for all facets of each fund including the permanent file which includes the trust deed, investment strategy, insurance details and the last annual set of accounts from the previous administrator.