Structured Referral Program

From the commencement of Triple A Super, we have conducted a structured referral program to assist the clients we work with to gain more value from relationships and contacts.


The referral program has as it cornerstone a CRM system with over 2500 accounting firms throughout Australia. Our process is to match a financial adviser with an accountant with similar goals and personality.


We use 5 points of matching before we begin the process of introduction. The profile matching points are:

  • Geographic location and the distance the adviser will travel to engage with an accountant.
  • The business model of the adviser- is it product or strategic in nature?
  • The costs and fees that the adviser charges and how that resonates with the accountants client base.
  • The personality profile of both the accountant and the adviser- this is vital to the ongoing success of the introduction as a matching of profiles is 75% of the success matrix.


The CRM Portal continues to monitor the progress of each introduction and provides a report at one month, three months and six months based on the activity generated.


A baseline of the referral program is the willingness of each party to open their client base to each other and work together for the benefit of the client.