Query Management

The Query Management system employed by Triple A Super is dynamically linked to the workflow system.


The fund accountants utilise the query management system within the same reporting screen of the workflow portal and can see instantly the progress of each fund and the completion of tasks along the entire annual account completion twenty one step process. It provides the actual number of remaining queries for each fund and retains those that have been resolved for internal quality control.


Raising Queries for a fund is handled electronically and forwarded to clients through an email link. The client having received the link, access it and are taken to the query management system online to contribute their answers or information to allow the progress of completion to continue on.  Resolving queries has three components within the query management screen for a particular fund.


A Chat room interactive email response capability.


Replying to information without documentation.


Replying to information with documentation. - files of more than 1mg are forwarded using the file transport portal which has unlimited expandable file size capabilities.



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