Our Business Model

The following features set Triple A Super apart from other mainstream SMSF administrators:

  • Our administration is dynamically linked to cloud based portals including workflow, query management, transition, document management and file transport.
  • Administration is provided on a daily, end of year, over flow or emergency basis.
  • All work is performed in Australia.
  • Each client has its own dedicated fund accountants and a client relationship manager.
  • A completely anonymous “White Label” administration service is available fully badged with the logo of the client.
  • We do not dislocate a client’s business.  We use all the recognised SMSF administration systems in the marketplace thereby allowing clients to continue to conduct their business without any disruption or dislocation.
  • The key systems we utilise are Class, BGL, SuperMate, DeskTop Super
  • A Structured Referral Program that connects Accounting and Financial Planning firms to grow and enhance each other’s business.
  • An initial trial fund for the first set of annual accounts, without cost or obligation, is offered to enable potential clients to gain a firsthand understanding of our administration services. It excludes the cost of Audit.
  • Deed Services are provided on a marginal cost basis- We are agnostic about deed service providers and will use the provider of your choice or our default provider-the choice is yours.
  • Other services on a pass through or marginal cost basis