Benefits of Using Us

There are countless firms and organisations who state they are SMSF administrators throughout Australia so what makes Triple A Super any different.


When we commenced the business we took the view it was pointless to launch a business model that looked the same as everyone else.


In a commoditised market as SMSF administration is regarded, it is the components that make the difference, not the actual administration service itself. It is a fact that you have to do a good job to be retained. How you add value to the relationship is the key ingredient.


It is a fundamental cornerstone of our model to undertake all of the work associated with SMSF administration in Australia.


In essence the benefits of using us can be condensed into the following key areas:

  1. We are specialists with geographic coverage that only concentrate on SMSF’s and nothing else. Our Regional based model is unique amongst specialist SMSF administrators.
  2. Our staff are predominantly qualified accountants.
  3. Triple A Super is the only administrator that provides SMSF administration on all the recognised administration systems.
  4. All of the SMSF administration work is performed in Australia
  5. Our costs are amongst the lowest in Australia.
  6. We provide a Trial Fund (where approved) without cost or obligation for the first set of annual accounts- in this way the potential client gains a first-hand experience of our technology, capabilities and skills to enable them to make a more reasoned decision before they move any funds to Triple A Super.
  7. We have a high technology footprint- our extensive use of cloud-based portals means our clients have continuous access to key information at all levels through our dashboards.
  8. Deed Services are at cost plus a small fee to partly cover the actual internal costs-The Triple A Super costs are substantially less than our competitors across the entire deed services range of services.
  9. Taxation Services- these are in place primarily for financial advisers who want access to qualified CPA accountants and gain access to SMSF taxation related services at cost prices without mark ups.
  10. Technical Services and Knowledge Base- Clients have continuous access to technical information and documentation without cost. Technical information is also confirmed in writing.