Audit Services

The choice of Auditor is critically important to the ongoing compliance of SMSF’s.


Triple A Super places great importance on the attributes of Auditors with whom we become involved.


Audit services are facilitated by Triple A Super. They are not provided by us or through any other company structure as we regard it as a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that clear separation is achieved between administration and audit services.


In order to achieve a consistent outcome in any jurisdiction where we operate, we have implemented a system that has been designed to lock in the attributes we seek.


All Audit providers to Triple A Super must fully undertake and complete all work in Australia. No overseas work of any kind is permitted by Auditors on our panel.


In order that we achieve a consistent application of Audit principles, we have appointed a Master Auditor- WPIAS. They are one of the largest Auditors in Australia and developed the Auditflow system for both Australia and the UK.


They have the responsibility to screen and approve all auditors on the panel and focus on five key areas to ensure overall consistency and value to the funds.


The areas are:

  • Scalability
  • Resources
  • Timeliness
  • Cost
  • Commerciality


Audit Costs

We pass through the actual cost of Audit to the funds.



In order to ensure that the output of each audit report is consistent, we have implemented the use of the specialised Audit software program Auditflow. Auditflow standardises the input and output of each audit and ensure consistency throughout Australia.