Service Model

  • Our business model is crafted around forming an enduring partnership with our clients. This is accomplished in a very tangible way. You can find a service provider anywhere- It is much harder to find a business partner that delivers.
  • We take the time to understand your business then work with you to identify potential business relationships that will enhance your business growth prospects.
  • A cornerstone of this business partnership to financial planning firms is our STRUCTURED ACCOUNTING REFERRAL PROGRAM.

We are continuously meeting with accountants as part of our operational business model so it makes sense to join the two together. Being independent, we do not have the constraints of a major organisation with its perceived reasons or product base.


The referral program works by matching the key elements of what an Accountant is seeking to what you offer. Of critical importance is to match the goals and aspirations of each. We formally introduce financial planners to accountants once we understand the personalities at play and what each is trying to achieve.


Overlaying this is an operational model that delivers timely and continuously high quality administration and support services at a price point that is hard to match.


Keeping you in touch and up to date

We appreciate that once the work is outsourced to us, the ability to understand what is happening and be able to provide timely and measured services to the funds you represent is paramount.


You will be able to monitor the progress of each fund through direct access to the chosen SMSF administration system and readily download or run reports on key areas such as Investments, Contributions, Pensions and the accrued Tax position* of each fund for example. This will be achieved through the provision of a username and password to your clients funds on the system.

Additionally, advisers have continuous access to our “Cloud based” portals that include:

  • Workflow Management - overviews each administration step with green, amber and red traffic lights to identify where each fund is up to and if there are any issues.
  • Query Management - this is dynamically linked to the workflow and uses smart forms and direct links to send and receive required outstanding information.
  • Transition Management - As we receive funds from you, they go through a transition process to ensure that we take on the fund in a timely manner and that all information is gathered. You will be given access to this portal which allows you to stay informed of each funds progress from the previous administrator.


A key part of the service model to financial advisers is the creation of new funds. As an administration client of Triple A Super you have access to this service that is marginally costed.


The Deed Services practice is able to establish new funds in a timely manner and deliver them anywhere in Australia.


Other key services such as Taxation*, Deed Services, Actuarial and Audit Services are provided on a pass through at cost basis.


All material relating to the practice can be badged with your logo or you can choose to surface the Triple A Super logo. The badging extends to the SMSF administration, document management and transition portals.


Fees that are amongst the lowest in the market

We strive to reduce the number of assets by automated data feeds and treat those that qualify as one or two assets depending on what they are. Examples of two assets are Wraps, Share Broker Accounts, Property with lending attached Platforms including UMA’s IMA’s and SMA’s.


Assets that count as one asset for fee determination purposes are: Bank Accounts, Managed Funds, Property unencumbered, collectibles, private assets and artwork.


The SMSF administration fees payable are based on the number of assets as at the 30th of June annually. The actual value of the fund is irrelevant as it has no bearing on the actual work undertaken.


Taxation and Regulatory obligations

A critical element of ensuring compliance of every SMSF is the timely lodgement of returns required by both the ATO and ASIC. The new penalty regime is potentially more onerous and the ATO is determined to lift both the lodgement of fund ratio and the ongoing compliance of funds with the SIS Act. It is more important than ever before for trustees to understand and comply fully with their obligations.


We will if appointed to do so take care of the taxation requirements and lodge the returns such as Annual Taxation return for the fund including BAS, PAYG, IAS and Annual ASIC return. All of these services are provided on a marginal cost basis and contained in our schedule of fees*.


*This service is provided by Triple A Taxation Services Pty Ltd which is registered tax agent.



We can become the Post Box for an SMSF to enable continuous compliance based administration on a daily basis and effective oversight of the statutory and regulatory obligations of each fund.


There is an extensive array of reports you can access any time including the capability to undertake “to “and “from” based reports. Through continuous access to the cloud based portals, you are able to access up to the minute information regarding transition, administration, queries, workflow and document management through a single entry point on the Triple A Super website.


We offer an initial Trial fund without COST OR OBLIGATION for the first set of annual accounts (an existing fund enables you to gain a full understanding of all parts of the administration journey). The cost of the Audit or any other third party costs such as Actuarial, Property Valuations for example is excluded as we have no control over these services.


At the end of it, you can clearly see and measure our offer and make your own judgement about why we believe our services and business partnership model is clearly different from our competitors. As part of the trial fund, we will also give you a fee that would have been charged to compare against your current provider.


Transition of your funds across to Triple A Super

We have a dedicated transition management unit that takes responsibility to migrate your funds across to Triple A Super. This unit will work in close harmony with you including the interaction with the previous administrator. We will populate the portal with the funds transferring. Through access to this portal, you have continuous overview to each funds progress and any outstanding information.


A dedicated transition specialist will be appointed to your funds and they will stay in continuous communication including the provision of the appointment and application forms that need to be completed to authorise Triple A Super to provide the desired level and extent of services.