Facilitation Admin. Support Fee Uplift Service

There are few SMSF administrators that have the technology and capability to provide a monthly based facilitation administration support fee service for financial advisers. The provision of this service is dependent on the acceptance of it by the adviser’s respective dealer group.


 Triple A Super through a dedicated Referral and RCTI portal allows financial advisers to dial up an additional fee either a dollar based amount or percentage of the fee charged by Triple A Super.

This fee is recognition of the internal client work associated with integrating and liaising with Triple A Super to deliver continuous services to SMSF’s.


It is entirely optional for the adviser.


The system generates an RCTI invoice monthly and is paid to the nominated account provided by the adviser. A schedule of the funds involved plus the amount is provided to the adviser and dealer group for easy reconciliation and internal control.


We are able to provide the adviser with continuous access to the Referral and RCTI portal that enables continuous tracking and oversight of the facility. It records the details of when payments have been made and the cumulative total for each fund.


The system resets annually and maintains an archive capability to allow the adviser to determine the aggregate of payments over any predetermined time frame.