Service Model

We harmonise with your business- not disrupt it


We offer total administration service flexibility. You are able to choose the following services that suit your circumstances:

  • Anonymous? White Label -End of Year or Ongoing Monthly administration.
  • Overflow administration- where you have been swamped with work that exceeds your capacity
  • Emergency administration- you have lost a staff member and require the administration to be completed until replacement resources are in place.


In all of the above service offers, our expectation would be that the accounting firm would lodge the taxation return and attend to the annual Audit.


All material including the accounts is badged with your logo. Triple A Super does not appear anywhere to preserve total anonymity.


We use the SMSF administration system of your choice- we will emulate your tax settings, provide work papers from the admin system chosen and the look and feel of accounts and client information so it looks identical to your produced accounts.


There is no minimum number of funds or locked-in contracts.


Keeping you in touch and up to date

We appreciate that once the work is outsourced to us on an anonymous basis, the ability to understand what is happening is paramount.


You will be able to monitor the progress of each fund through direct access to our ?Cloud based? portals that include:

  • Workflow Management - overviews each step with a green, amber, red traffic light to identify where each fund is up to and if there are any issues.
  • Query Management - this is dynamically linked to the workflow and uses smart forms and direct links to send and receive required outstanding information.


In this way, you are able to communicate progress with clients if asked and have an up to date picture of what is happening in the same way if it was done inside your office.


We will provide nominated staff with access to the administration, workflow and query management systems to in this regard.


Benefits to your business

  •  Simply put, we take care of whatever administration services you require without disrupting your business. We work in harmony with you and your staff.
  •  You can use us for a short period of time, a full season or whatever timeframe you wish without the locked-in constraint of contracts - We do not have them.
  •  Our administration services will be provided on the system of your choice, not someone else?s. There is no disruption to your internal way of working.
  •  ALL SMSF administration work is performed in Australia
  •  Administration costs are based on the number of assets in the fund, not the dollar value.